Before we begin this battle, I want to let you know that I don’t think Wealthy Affiliate or Site Build It is a scam. In my substantial research and reading hundreds of reviews, I find them both to be totally legit. I wanted to give you the Best Work Home Jobs because I have reviewed dozens of members at both The Site Built It and The Wealthy Affiliate Platforms. It is my overall consensus, as you will read, The Site Build It platform is excellent, but a bit complicated.

I am, Michael Kearns, of course, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and using their methods I can teach you how to have a functioning website up and running within four days easy. Okay, I may sound a little bias because I am a member of WA but I speak only truth. I want you to know my experiences in researching them both Side by Side and found both services to be Neck in Neck. In the end, the final decision is yours.

So What Exactly Is WA And SBI?

SBI and WA are Internet Services and Training Platforms that teach people how to build their own online business. You then use these services for the Best Work Home Jobs. The best way I can think of to show you which one is best is by ringing the bell and putting them both in the ring to duke it out. This Match will consist of ten rounds and a knockout round.

The Rounds will be composed of the common questions people have and are asking me. I will go over these issues and be unbiased. The Wealthy Affiliate Membership I want you to try it FREE with two FREE WEBSITES. Why WA? I found WA, (spoiler alert), to be the clear winner. I did not find WA wins by much. SBI is awesome. So that you know there’s ten rounds and a knockout punch in the end. Let’s ring that bell again. Ding, Ding, Ding!!

Round 1. Wealthy Affiliate vs. Site Build It. Is It Easy To Get Help?

Is It Easy To Get Help With WA?  Yes, it’s easy to get help with Wealthy Affiliate. You can post a question and members at WA will answer them.  All you have to do is click the little charcoal gray fountain pen at the top of the dashboard at WA. The little “pin” will be located just two clicks to the left of your profile picture, scroll down to Ask a Question and click on it.

A White field box with a green border will pop up. Then you have to type in your questions, add a few more details, pick a classroom and click the, “Submit your questions,” button. WA members are there to support you and yes questions will get answered not once but a hundred times in fifty different ways to do what you are asking.ROFL, I may be exaggerating a little, but not much. When you ask how to do something in the WA Platform, the members are like piranhas helping you. Watch Out!!

SBI? Yes, you can get help at SBI. They use a forum style way for people who have questions. It’s not as simple as WA, but your questions will get answered. Get you a cup of coffee and turn on the television. The turnaround is fast for a forum. The WA PLATFORM is CRAZY FAST!!

Who won this round? Opinions may vary, but I would say WA because WA makes it easy and fun and lightning quick for people to get help. I always try to get there first when my cell phone alerts me that someone asked a question that I know. 580,000+ Members clamoring to be the first to answer, lol. I rarely make it first, and I go instantly. WA has a ranking system, and you get credit for helping others. WA is crazy because you get credit for asking questions too. I think people ask questions sometimes that they know the answer to, but it is fun, and there is always somebody that chimes in and says thank you to whoever asked the question because they just needed that answer.

Asking questions is important when building a business online for the Best Work Home Jobs. Everyone knows how long it can take to go through the search engines and Google and YouTube to find an answer. Only to read 10,000 words and 50 articles to still not know. When I first started, I did not want some techy geek explaining me in some code I did not know, I wanted it in newbie language.

Everyone has a question from time to time and if you can’t get your questions answered promptly a person can get stuck and discourage.
Getting stuck and hinder will eventually lead to quitting. No one wants that, WA makes it easy and fun to get your questions answered, and that is important. The problem with forum styles like what SBI has is if you’re as unfamiliar with forums as I was when I started, it’s going to be tough and just another hurdle you have to learn.

With forums, you have to look for the correct room to pose the question. When you don’t know what you’re doing, this can be frustrating. In today’s times when we are doing things easier and faster, The Wealthy Affiliate Platform is what people are searching TO FIND. No one wants to spend hours trying to figure out on how to get help and reading the FAQ. If they are Frequently Asked Questions, why doesn’t SBI make the training clearer??

Round 2. Wealthy Affiliate vs. Site Build It. Is Private Coaching Available?

Does WA Have Private Coaching Available? Yes, there is. Some people get private coaching from the owners Kyle and Carson or through members whose been with WA for years. There is a PM or Private Messaging system inside The WA Platform. How much extra? Zilch, nothing, nada!! There’s no additional cost for this. WA’s community is great at helping others build a business online. Others will help you, for hours sometimes, create a website in any niche for Best Work Home Jobs.

SBI? Yes, SBI has private coaching. Private Coaching with additional costs, but it’s there if you can afford it.

If you can’t, it is still an excellent training system, just go back to their forums and keep asking questions. This paying service is something you don’t have to use. Sometimes it’s best to learn through days and days and days of trial and error experience. It builds character.  Making mistakes is not the end of the world, it just seems like it is the end of the world.  This round I will give it a draw, even though SBI charges extra for coaching they do provide it.

I researched the private coaching at SBI. It seems that when a member wants and are willing to pay for this private coaching they are hit upside the head with SBI’s brainstorming tool. It seems this device needs private coaching to learn to use.

Round 3. Wealthy Affiliate vs. Site Build It. Can You Contact The Owner(s)?

Can you communicate with the owners of the Wealthy Affiliate University? Yes, you can communicate easily with the owners at WA. Both Kyle and Carson are active members at WA and are always available if you need them.

SBI? Yes, the owner Ken Evoy is also very easy to contact. Ken is also very active with his company and takes pride in it. This round is a draw.

I find it’s imperative that owners take pride in their businesses.  I’m sure these three gentlemen care about their business and want people to succeed.

Round 4. Wealthy Affiliate vs. Site Build It.  Is There Live Chat Available?

Is there Live Chat Available in WA, Wealthy Affiliate?  Yes, WA has a live chat available. I find this useful myself when I want a question answered NOW!!! ROLF.

SBI? No, SBI doesn’t offer live chat. You can go to the forums if you need a question answered. You can also pay extra for coaching if you require some help.  We all know who won this round, WA. WA has a simple structure in place where people chat with their friends. When you have a question, and you want it answered, “like'” NOW!! Lol, it’s there and yes it does work. We sometimes have our days, and just want help right the,  NOW!

Round 5. Wealthy Affiliate vs. Site Build It. Is There Step By Step Training?

Does Wealthy Affiliate offer step by step training? YES! Several ways. There are videos you can watch in which Kyle himself showing you how to build your online business properly. There are also text lessons if you prefer to read. I like the videos. There is also step by step training on everything you can think of created by the Ambassadors at WA and that training is in both video and text training. What’s the extra cost? There is no cost.

SBI ? Yes, SBI also has step by step training videos. The lady talking in the videos sounds like a darn robot. Some people don’t like it, but I guess it’s a personal preference. Some people I have read like all sorts of strange stuff. SBI also offers written material if you don’t want to watch the videos. The cat got this round. This round is a draw; both services offer fantastic step by step training. Step by Step training is there for a reason; it’s important because it keeps you on task and organized when building your business. You need this for the Best Work Home Jobs.

Round 6Wealthy Affiliate vs Site Build It. Are Websites Included?

Are Websites Included In WA’s FREE Membership? Yes, WA provides you with over 1,400 WordPress themes to choose from and two websites FREE to FREE Membership. If you don’t want to use WA’s free sites, you don’t have to. You can go out and buy your site, use blogger or whatever fancies you.

SBI? Yes! SBI does come with SBI’s template websites; SBI powers these sites. You have hundreds of SBI model sites from which you can choose.

This one is a draw. Blogs are what people are using today; it might change tomorrow, who knows. So that you know WordPress sites have Website Pages and Blog posts. I believe more people are using WordPress’s sites because they are easy to use, they run well with Google’s algorithm and solves a lot of SEO issues.

Round 7.Wealthy Affiliate vs Site Build It. Is Web Hosting Included?

Is Website Hosting Included In The Wealthy Affiliate FREE Membership? Yes, WA provides their member with hosting. If you still want to be a member at WA and want to host elsewhere, you can do that too. Remember this is your business your building Not WA’s.

SBI? Yes. SBI comes with hosting as well. However, If you want to use a different website or to host you can’t use SBI.

The winner of this round is a draw. WA and SBI both provide hosting.

Let’s parallel this website, internet stuff with something we already understand. A domain name is your site address
Hosting is like the house where you live. A website theme is the design of your house. Content is your furniture that fills your house, Categories are the different rooms of your house. Tags are the different parts of your room, like a closet or a window.

These elements are all critical. There are plenty of free websites with hosting out there. Sometimes these free sites make their money by placing ads on your site, and you don’t have any control over what ads goes on the sites.

WA will always be around. They have been in business for years and years and will always be here. Thousands and thousands join every day. Many free sites go out of business leaving a person high and dry. Bankruptcy is something to consider when using free hosting and free websites.

Round 8. Wealthy Affiliate vs Site Built It. Can You Try It For FREE?

Can You Try WA FREE? Yes, WA has a Starter Membership that allows you to have two free websites with secure hosting. You get a choice of 12 WordPress themes to choose from, and no credit card is needed.

SBI? NO, N0 YOU CAN’T!  SBI doesn’t allow you to try it for free. You do get a 90-day money back guarantee. The winner of this round goes to WA
With SBI, you do get a 90-day money back guarantee. That is very different from trying something out for free because you still have to give your credit card information. Have you ever got your money back without a hassle? Rare.

Round 9. Wealthy Affiliate vs Site Build It. Is There A Keyword Research Tool?

Is There a Keyword Research Tool at WA? Yes, WA provides you with a keyword tool you can use. They have two. The first one you can use at any time with no cost ever. The second one is Jaxxy. You get 30 free tries with Jaaxy’s free membership. They also have a Pro and Enterprise Membership. Here, This Is The FREE JAAXY. Go For It. AWESOME TOOL!!

SBI? Yes, SBI provides you with a keyword tool called Brainstorm It. You also get a limited amount of tries, but the tool is there if you need it.
This round is also a draw.

Keywords are what people type in the box thingy to search in the search engines. If I wanted to look for a particular kind of phone, I might type in Samsung Galaxy7 phones. Keywords cause the search engines to pull up the sites with Samsung Galaxy7 phones. Usually, a site ranked in the top 10 people tend to click on.  That’s an excellent description of a keyword tool is and how you use one. It gives you numbers that you’re able to rank for in Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SBI’s keyword tool, I am told that it is complicated. They had all these figures and want you to eliminate numbers and run the Brainstorm It thingy on the keyword tool again, and it just goes on and on. So I am told.

JAAXY has red, yellow and green lights that told me which keyword was right to use. Showing me the KQI it a lot easier for me to decide on a keyword. I didn’t have to go through a whole year just to learn how to use a keyword tool.

Round 10. Wealthy Affiliate vs Site Build It. Is There An Affiliate Program

SBI?WA? Yes, as a starter member or a Premium member you can promote WA and get paid for it. I support WA and other sites that I recommend to people. That’s what Affiliate marketing is. Developing things you like and if someone buys the product, I make a commission on it. also offers an affiliate program. Members at SBI support SBI too. I’m not a member nor do I want to promote them.

This round is a draw.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Site Build It. Knockout Round

SBI costs $29.99 monthly or $299.00 yearly. $29.99 seems like a reasonable price. The problem I have with SBI is there are additional costs for private coaching and their webinars. I’m not a fan of up-sells. They also charge you to learn about social media. When you look at the big picture, the additional costs add up quickly. Up-sells are something to consider if you’re thinking about learning through SBI.

WA’s FREE Membership is FREE!! The Premium is only $49.00 a month. I find this too to be a reasonable price. Yes WA is a little more pricey than SBI, but WA has weekly live training at no additional costs, hosting, live chat, FREE Websites, FREE Privacy, and time would fail me to scratch the surface. The best things are, no upsells and almost INSTANT help.

If someone misses the live training, they can watch them at a later time. Some of WA expert marketers post training inside WA. That’s additional training that any person can take advantage of at any time, oh and it’s not at any additional cost either plus the Social Media Training is FREE too and tons and tons of good poop.

If you can’t afford a keyword tool because you’re just starting out WA has that for you at no additional cost. The Knockout Punch is this; WA gives you every single freaking tool you will ever need as a Premium Member to build a successful online business. There are NO additional costs.

  • WordPress Website
  • Secure Hosting
  • Keyword Tool
  • Training
  • Live Training
  • Websites
  • Supportive Community
  • And Tons More

There is nothing out there that provide you what WA can. Build Yourself A FREE WEBSITE ON WA Today

SBI offers a 30-day free trial for WordPress. It’s called SBI for WordPress. I do want to state that It’s your choice on what service you’d like to select. I feel that SBI will give you the learning materials you need to get STARTED. I would go with Wealthy Affiliate for intermediate to advanced.

Everyone learns differently and prefer different learning platforms. I get what I need from Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been building my business at WA for a while now and enjoy the platform and all the crazy nuts there that are more than happy to help. My business has been growing and yes I make revenue from this website. It doesn’t mean that people can’t do it with SBI. I don’t.

I will stress this again, at WA there are no additional costs. An individual may select either a monthly membership or yearly membership. The choice is yours. You cannot go wrong selecting Wealthy Affiliate.

Summary. Wealthy Affiliate vs Site Build It. Conclusion!

Some find it difficult to get a website up and running with SBI’s Brainstorm It keyword tool. It proves to be complicated. When most people start learning about building websites, they know nothing about building a website, and when they see the additional cost for help, they will get discouraged.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Starter Membership when you follow the steps has a functioning website up in just four days. Of course, can get it up in much less time, but you need to have a realistic understanding and pace yourself, so you do not experience burnout.  I liked the idea of trying something for free and not having to use my credit card or debit card or PayPal account. You only need your name, come up with a username and a password you can remember.

Wealthy Affiliate will give you a chance to see if you WILL be able to learn how to build a website, (it’s not for everyone), and not get stuck like you probably will with Site Build It. When I saw a video on how to make a site in under 30 seconds and I did it, I decided to go Premium because I wanted to learn more and start achieving my goals.

This is why WA, is My #1 Choice. If you have any questions or comments about SBI, (Site Build It), or WA, (Wealthy Affiliate), let me know below in the comments section. If you like this article, don’t hesitate to like or share it with the Social Media Share Buttons. Plant, Water, and Belief!

Thank you for reading,

“Wealthy Affiliate vs Site Build It – Best Work Home Jobs.”