What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is your website address. It enables people who are using the internet to find and access your website. Computers use strings of numbers, called IP addresses and because it´s quite difficult for us to remember a long series of numbers, domain names were invented to make it easier.

Domain names can be any series of letters and numbers and are followed by an extension such as .com. which is preferred. Other popular ones are .net and .org No two domain names can be the same and so when someone types in www.examplehere.com they will be directed straight to your site and not your competitor´s site.

You must register your domain name before you can use it. Once you have registered your domain name, you can start to build your website

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Domain Name

  1. Make the best use of your time

Put some thought and work into choosing your perfect domain name. If you already have a business,the domain name must describe your business purpose.

  1. Keep it simple

Keep your domain name as short and simple as you possibly can. watch for vocabulary errors that may send YOUR potential customer to a competitor. Always use a spell checker.

  1. No text speak

Keep away from the shortened text abbreviation such as R U happy. This is unprofessional and tends to detract from your business effort. Most people searching on the internet would type in “are you happy”.

  1. Use Keywords

If you can use keywords that people would search for that are centered around your business, so much the better. If you are a plumber you could try bestplumbingpractices.com or cheaprateplumber.com. It is always well to have It is always well to use the All In One SEO plugin or Yoast.

  1. Localize your business

If you operate a local business and not an online global business you could consider using the city or town where you live, in your domain name. For example, liverpoolplumber.com. Make sure to tailor it to a local business

  1. Avoid hyphens

Most people don´t use hyphens when they are doing a keyword search in a search engine such as Google. If you have hyphens in your domain name and it is very similar to a competitor who doesn’t use them, your competitor will almost certainly get the traffic that you are looking for. Would you search for low-rate-plumbing.com or lowrateplumbing.com? Allow for the natural flow of vision.

  1. Make it catchy

When you consider how many domain names are competing in your marketplace, coming up with a catchy grabbing domain name that stands out is CRITICAL. It´s easy to convince yourself that your chosen name is perfect but sometimes we look at our own things through rose-colored glasses. check with your friends, peers, and associates to define this critical requirement.

  1. Get it now

Don´t waste time and end up being disappointed. If you find that your perfect domain name is available, Don’t wait, buy it TODAY. It might disappear by tomorrow. They are mostly quite inexpensive and so the cost is not going to bankrupt you.

Domain Name Extensions

There are different domain name extensions to suit different needs. Make sure that you choose the correct one for your website. A .com extension is by far the best, if you can get one to suit you but it can be difficult to find an available short .com domain name.


Here´s a list of some Top Level domain name extensions and their uses

.com – The most popular and intended for profit making businesses

.net – Used for technical multi-site networks

.org – Used for charity organisations and other none profit concerns

.info – For information sites

.biz – for ecommerce and other online commercial sites

.gov – government agencies and entities

The above are what´s called Top Level domains but there is a whole host of new ones that have recently started to catch on.








There are so many others that you could consider but remember that most people search for .com.

Bonus tip

If you can afford it, buy variations of your domain name and direct them towards your main website. This will stop your competitors using something very similar and getting visitors to their site instead of yours.  Another tip is to use your first name or a familiar designation in the construction

Registering Your Domain Name

There are many hosting sites where you can register your domain name. The 4 below are very popular.

Blue host




Alternatively, you could have a look at my recommended  NUMBER 1 place to search for domain names. Wealthy Affiliate.

Additional great information can be found at https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/joycekleahy/blog/domain-names-suffixes-and-what-do-they-mean

You can search for free. It also tells you what domain extensions are available and gives you alternative suggestions. The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that as a premium member you get 50 sites (25 Site Rubix and 25 .com sites). You also get to choose from thousands of WordPress templates and they host your site for you and look after all the security. This is your BEST option.


I hope you found this information useful. If you have any questions about how to choose or register a domain name, drop a message in the comments box below.