I recently asked a question in Open Forum on the Internet. I asked What the Empire Network was all about. I was genuinely curious. The massive number and responses I received were so overwhelming and all were so utterly negative, I spent the next three days with my total, workload on hold, verifying what I was reading. This Article will use the acid of Truth, to strip away everything to bare bone and marrow. I, myself, wrote this article which will contrast the differences of the PAID BLOGS of The Empower Network and the FREE WEBSITES of The Wealthy Affiliate University. These are my findings, Christopher Ray Scott, the owner of this WEBSITE! Which is better for Work Home Jobs?

What is the  Difference Between Blog and Website? 

Is there a Difference Between Blog And Website? What exactly is a website and what is a blog? By very definition, a website, (noun), is a linked together group of pages on the Internet or World Wide Web which is regarded not as a collection of articles, but as a single entity.

This, “Website,” thingy is controlled and maintained by an owner, such as a single individual or an entire organization. Web sites are devoted to a single cause. Dedicated to a certain topic called loosely as a niche. Web Sites do not stray from this individual topic unless it is to several closely related topics.

Okay, there bear, what is a blog? Well, it’s like a sort of like this, “a bull is a cow, but a cow is not a bull. While a blog is a site on the web, a blog, unlike a website, is not necessarily a linked group of in order pages in a digestible sequence.

When you ask the Difference Between Blog And Website, the blogger does not necessarily own blogs. You need to know this, especially if you are looking for Work Home Jobs. I write blogs all the time on the website, Wealthy Affiliate. Blogs contain the blogger’s or group of writers’ personal experiences, their personal observations, their personal opinions, and the such like. Blogs may be a random collection of papers and topics without the necessity of images or links to other websites.

Do you want to split that hair seven ways from Sunday? Okay, a blog is a Web Site, not a website. A website is certainly not a blog. A blog can be a single entry or post to a website. A blog is a contribution to your own or another’s website. However, a website has a driven purpose. Blogs….not so much.

There are a ton of people asking, What is the Difference Between Blog And Website Wealthy Affiliate FREE Websites and Empower Network PAID Blogs. That is such a big issue. I am glad you asked. The difference is an impossible question because there is not a single difference unless you are talking about the difference between day and night. There are differences, as many, and they are stark!!

The biggest difference I see right off is if you are with The Empower Network blog is the fact you are overpaying. Tons of people have been “convinced” into believing that EN blogs are Internet gold. Everything that glitters is not gold. I admit there have been individuals who have gotten filthy rich from them, like the owners.

Hold on, let me come clean first. I am a Wealthy Affiliate, in every sense of the words. I am a trainer there. My name is Don Nolan, and my username is, you guessed it, “Donnolan.” Aka, No-line Tweeter.

So I have an inside knowledge of this fantastic platform or better known as an Affiliate Marketing University. I can answer, or find the answer any question you have regarding this platform you can think to ask. The comment section is below this post, take advantage of it.

Work Home Jobs and What Is The Empower Network?

I am writing this review for a few reasons. Chiefly to offer a bit of clarity in the EN’s many sales pitches that are designed to be convoluted and to overwhelm you with useless information. This kind of tactic is deliberate and by design. Why? EN and their affiliates do it because it works. Unfortunately, too many marketers are not asking if something is right or wrong, they are asking if it works.

I want you to know that I am not about belittling folks. I prove this in this website’s link to the page comparing Wealthy Affiliate with the ClickBank University, a great platform. I also wrote an independent review of CBU.

The second reason is to let you know what you are getting and what you are not getting with EN. What you are paying EN for and why you should not be paying EN for it.

The Final Reason is that I write for another website called, “Spiritual Warfare Information,” while you may not be spiritual, you should be ethical. The principles of basic ethics for genuine success with a brick and mortar business or online remain unchanged. I will show you real principles and what is not ethical on any platform with this apples to apples and oranges comparison. Integrity is the cornerstone of real character.

Truth and integrity instilled within me from the military, and I will never forget that I am responsible for my actions and dedicated to the principles which made my country free. If necessary, I am still willing to lay my life down in defense of these principles!!

I want to start by making you aware of before I dig down into details, is the fact that WA has a FREE, no obligation Starter Membership. There is, of course, benefits for the $49 a month Premium account. I, however, want you to go FREE and stay FREE until you decide if you want to go Premium. I train people for Work Home Jobs.

No, let me answer the question you are thinking. You do not need any credit card, and there is no pressure to automatic charge if you don’t cancel. When and IF you go Premium, it will be because we will blow your mind at the level of dedication to your success you will receive from us all, 670,000 + that you freaking succeed!! Massive value!

I will offer a comparison between the two services of Wealthy Affiliate Websites and Empower Network Blogs.

Wealthy Affiliate FREE Websites vs. The Empower Network PAID Blogs. WHAT Is Empower Network??

The Starter plan for Empower Blog Price- $25 per month
Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Websites are FREE. You get two websites; I have 2 websites.

You will need to have at least one website to have a successful online business. When you have a quality website with complete functionality, you can scale the website to promote any product(s) within any niche. In order to be a successful Internet Marketer, you must have a WEBSITE that gives you full control over your content. With Wealthy Affiliate FREE WEBSITES you have complete control. Why do you have complete control? It’s yours, you own it. When you own the website, then you are building a foundation for success.

To be successful, you need a website; you have to create good content that helps people, rank in Google, earn revenue and get traffic, through different techniques and strategies. We teach you all this and more at Wealthy Affiliate. Say, “Make Me A Wealthy Affiliate.”

The premise of all successful real online when building a business is a niche website. How do the PAID Empower Network blogs rank against the FREE Wealthy Affiliate Websites? Great question, I’m glad you asked.

What Is Empower Network? PAID Blogs??

These blogs are counter-productive based on the delivery of the content. SEO or Search Engine Optimization must be done to rank in Google and Google WILL NOT list duplicate content. EN blogs all contain massive amounts of duplicate content. Google and other Search Engines penalize for this, and you will not show up on SERP(s), Search Engine Result Pages.

The Empower Network gives all their members the same blog that everyone gets; it is what is known as a templated blog used in promoting The Empower Network.

It ‘s hard to sell a, “how to lose weight,” program on an “inspirational” site…it simply can’t happen. These blogs are good for the self-concerned promotion of EN itself, and which is the sole intention of the blogs.  Empower Network intend to keep it this. What Is The Empire Network?
EN flaws 101

  • #1.) They have massive duplicate content. SEO no-no. No chance of ranking with these blogs. You get the”HOME SECTION,” of your blog, EN controls the rest. You have very limited flexibility on 1 paid blog when WA gives you 2 FREE WEBSITES. Even the videos are EN videos promoting EN.
  • #2.) Everyone is on the same domain. As your neighbor. The reason this is so awful and why you need your personal domain is that every garbage content that some money pounding on a laptop submits via other blogs will have an impact on your blog because a directory, (sub-domain), is treated as part of the primary domain. In this case Empowernetwork.com
  • #3.) Did you know that the entire Primary Domain, EmpowerNetwork.com is “de-ranked by Google? That’s right!! Google says it is spam. The BLOG you are paying for, (renting because you DO NOT own it), which is attached to the EN domain, is not going to rank well in the MASSIVE Google Search Engine.

What Is Empower Network?? Good luck when you Google. Google doesn’t even WANT to list them when you Google them. Their branded keyword “empower network,” EN.com is at the bottom of the page. ROFL. Crying for their victims.

  • #4.) You will not be promoting any other niche successfully besides The Almighty, (lol), Empower Network.
  • #5.) You can get WEBSITES for FREE at WA. You are paying for what is FREE elsewhere. The BLOG you are paying for is a very limited site, with limited functionality. The BLOG is one that Google does not even care for and wants to rid itself. Can you say, “ludicrous?”
  • #6.) Look, You do not even own the content. EN does. When you quit and want to take your content with you, you can not. Get a lawyer when you quit if you want EN to delete your content. Why? Your “PAID BLOG,” is NOT yours.

Wealthy Affiliate FREE Starter Websites

WA has a FREE membership called WA’s Starter Membership Plan. The FREE Membership includes two full WordPress websites. These websites are fully functional on a WordPress’s state-of-the-art hosting platform which WP & WA monitors and maintains 24 hours per day seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Even though they are free, they are high quality. The WA FREE Websites and hosting quality of these FREE websites are BETTER than any PAID website you can find.

WA can install these “FREE WEBSITES“. You need no technical experience to start. We teach you everything you will need to know and give you the tools you will need.

While you can promote WA and WA pays YOU for conversions you can use your FREE WEBSITES within any niche in the world. Installing YOUR FREE Website on WA is a simple three-step process on your part that a wizard walks you through.

Why do you have to do anything to install the website? You have over 1,400 different style templates you can choose. MakeMeAWealthyAffiliate.com that you are on was created using the platform at the Wealthy Affiliate University.


  • SEO plugins – This is so you can optimize your FREE website for Google
  • Spam plugins – This prevents helps people from spamming your website comments section.
  • Social plugins – This Plugin allows people to share your website on Facebook and other social networks. I know… WOW!!! Right??
  • Analytics – This is to allow you to track the visitors’ behavior who visit your website. IT IS ALL for FREE.

The websites are free, and you are given permission to use the “SiteRubix” Domain for FREE. These sites are on their own subdomain, not a directory. Google and others will view your website independently.

The Empower Network BLOGS are all seen as ONE and tied to every single author on the site creating objectionable content for these people.

WA “FREE WEBSITE” Advantages. 

  • You OWN the content. You have full control of your content forever until you delete it. At The Empower Network, you never own your content, and you lose rights to access your content if you stop paying the $25 per month for creating content that they will own.
    You can create a successful online business in any niche market you can dream up. You do not have to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I do because I want, and I believe in WA. There are have people within WA that promote just about everything.
  • There are over 1,400 templates to choose from versus (1!!) at empower network. What Is The Empire Network  when compared to this? If you are like me, you want to make a website your own, and Wealthy Affiliate sites allow you to do just that. You have access to more than 10,000 feature “add-ons” within Wealthy Affiliate websites.
  • These Two Free Websites are fully functional WordPress sites that we use in any way we like, within any niche we want. When you compare that to the so-called Empower Network, you get one BLOG, and it forces you by the virtue of how it is designed to promote The Empower Network.

So there you have it, a walkthrough of a few options online when it comes to having a BLOG or a WEBSITE. See You At The Top – Of Google!

Thank You For Reading, “What Is the Empower Network  BLOGS like versus The Wealthy Affiliate? Difference Between Blog And Websites.